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Artist Statement


My work is about my interest in people, their inner lives. I want to paint the inside of the person, like viewing a dream. To create an unreal moment in time that only the act of painting can bring out.

I like to paint the human figure, but my goal is not realism. Although the figures are always recognizable I want the paint, its colors, texture, brushstroke and the shapes of the body to express the inner world of each character.  I enjoy the tension of the narrative that occurs when two characters meet on the canvas interacting with the objects and space around them.
My paintings are generally large format oil paintings. I use a lot of paint, layer upon layer of color. It is a trial and error searching and discarding that eventually reveals the characters and their worlds. I do not work from studies.

I like to throw myself in letting all the images inside of me find their way out. I am a slow but impatient painter. I strive for all of my errors and failings to begin to work together then I feel like a piece is close to being finished.